Social Media and Twitter Changed the Way We Follow Football News

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Social media and Twitter have completely changed the culture surrounding football. The social networking website has democratized football news Twitter and analysis by putting it all under one roof. Thanks to Twitter, journalists, bloggers, statisticians, and broadcasters are now more accessible than ever before. Thanks to Twitter, we can follow everything from the latest team news to Divock Origi’s six goals against Everton. And with so much data at our fingertips, we can make informed decisions about the latest game.

Divock Origi scored six goals against Everton

Divock Origi has become something of a cult figure in Liverpool, scoring six Premier League goals against Everton in nine games. In fact, the striker has now scored more goals against the Merseyside club than any other player in the club’s history. And while it may be difficult to believe, Origi is already double the record for Liverpool’s all-time best goals against the Toffees.

Xabi Alonso’s retirement

Xabi Alonso’s retirement will come as a shock to many. The central midfielder, who made over 550 appearances for Real Madrid and Barcelona, is now a manager of the B team of Real Sociedad. Before that, he played as a central midfielder and defensive midfielder for a number of different clubs. His retirement from football is the latest in a long list of reasons.

Xhaka’s slow free-kick

Granit Xhaka has hit back at Arsenal critics who claim that the club is mentally weak away from the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal missed the chance to move third in the Premier League table after losing 1-0 to Sheffield United on Monday night. The defeat was their fifth in their last ten away games. Once again, their common failings were on display. Granit Xhaka’s slow free-kick was an egregious example of this.

Xhaka’s apology to Man United

Granit Xhaka has issued an apology to Arsenal fans following his ‘f**k off’ behaviour during the 2-1 defeat by Man United at Emirates Stadium. The Swiss international is facing disciplinary action after being named Arsenal captain. Fans of both sides criticised the decision to make Xhaka the club’s captain, and many questioned whether it was the right call. Arsenal reshuffled their squad after Laurent Koscielny departed for Chelsea. However, Xhaka’s behaviour at the Emirates has left fans divided. On the other hand, some feel that he should have apologised to his former club, and vice versa.

Opta family

Football fans in the UK can follow the football stats website Opta, whose family of accounts have over 600,000 followers. The accounts regularly top 5,000 mentions and 30,000 retweets. Opta uses a B2Bc marketing strategy to target end users and fans of football. By establishing these accounts, the company is increasing revenue from its core audience. This website explains how Twitter statistics can benefit football fans.

Soccer Guy

If you’re a fan of international soccer, you can follow the account USA Soccer Guy on Twitter. The Twitter account acts like the stereotypical US soccer fan, complete with an in-game analysis of the current game. The team has also won the World Cup in the past. This is the ideal account to keep abreast of recent news and happenings in the world of international soccer. It also features humor and satire.

Philippe Auclair

For years, Philippe Auclair has been the England correspondent for France Football. A bestselling author, he is a prolific football writer and journalist. He is also the author of Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King. A prolific Tweeter, he writes about the game with great wit and intelligence. Check out some of his football news tweets. If you like football, you’ll love Philippe Auclair’s tweets.