The Best In Concrete Pavement

Grand Rapids Asphalt,” is the name given to our industry. “We work with our partners at Consew and Pavement Systems, as well as other suppliers, to deliver the best quality paving products possible,” says John H. Tilton, vice president of business development. “We work with all types of drivers, and we’re committed to providing you with the best in quality paving for your vehicle.”

Grand Rapids Asphalt, which is based in Holland, MI, has been in business for over 40 years. “When you purchase our products, you receive exceptional customer service that we have developed over the years,” says Tilton. “Our goal is to give you the best service possible, so whether you’re looking for an asphalt contractor, a supplier or a manufacturer, we can help you find what you need.” “We have the latest technology that allows us to meet the demand for paving products and services, so our clients have a wide range of paving solutions to choose from,” says Tilton.

We offer a full line of asphalt, as well as concrete pavers, gravel, rubber, and paving supplies. “Grand Rapids Asphalt” also offers an advanced concrete preparation equipment, called “Concrete Power”. With a large selection of asphalt and concrete products, and the highest level of customer service, this company can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

The company’s paving equipment includes: Concrete Mixers, Paving Mixers, Drills, Sanders, Drilling Equipment, Paving Drills, Stenciling Equipment, and Treadmill Grinder/Scraper for the convenience of our customers. We carry everything that is necessary to complete a complete paving project.

Our Pavers & Pavement systems are designed to meet both the needs of the professional and the average consumer. “We pride ourselves on the fact that we’re not only a premier provider of asphalt paving and concrete paving systems, but also a premier provider of paper and pavement systems as well,” says John H. Tilton. “We offer a complete line of equipment and services that are designed to suit the needs of each customer, and the requirements of their project.”

For more information on our products, contact us today. Call (586) 715-849 or visit us online.

The asphalt that we use in our business is highly durable and extremely resistant to damage. “In fact,” says Tilton, “the greatest damage we’ve ever seen on our asphalt is a minor chip on one side, but the most damage we’ve seen is actually the loss of one end of the pavement after a tree fell onto it. We don’t take any chances.” We have received many compliments about how long the road is without having to apply any repair material.

Our paving equipment and tools include: Concrete Paving Drills, Concrete Mixers, Concrete Grinders, Concrete Pavement Mixers, Drills, Sanders, and Concrete Drills. We also carry the latest technology to help you with your project. With the use of the latest computer equipment, we can provide you with detailed reports to show you exactly where the problem areas are.

“We believe in delivering the best quality in all of our work,” says John H. Tilton. “We have worked hard to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction. If we don’t feel you will be satisfied with our work, we will refund your money in full.”