What You Need to Know About Gutter Inspections

Gutter inspections are essential for all home owners. Your home is a significant investment and proper upkeep of your gutters and downspouts is necessary to prevent leaks, which in turn can cause damage to your roof or foundation. Leaking gutters can be quite costly to repair. When you do get a gutter inspection, the professional will check the system for leaks; he may also check for cracks, breaks or damages, and possibly do some cosmetic repair if warranted.

There are a couple different kinds of gutter inspections that a professional may do. The first is a visual inspection. During this type of inspection, the roof is carefully inspected from top to bottom for signs of deterioration, rot or swelling. This is normally done when the rains start; often in the middle of the hot, summer months. Sometimes, only the eaves or other less exposed parts of the roof will need repaired.

Another type of gutter inspection is the water damage inspection. During this inspection, the roof is thoroughly inspected from base to top for signs of leakage or water damage. This is usually done when the rainy season starts and continues through at least the middle of September in much of the United States. The purpose of this kind of gutter inspection is to prevent future problems caused by water damage.

If you have any questions about your gutter inspections, there are many local companies that offer free estimates and repairs. Many contractors also offer free consultation and estimate calls. They can help you decide what options are best for you, whether you need just an inspection or some replacement work done. In many cases, the cost of the work will be greatly reduced if you call us first.

In addition to gutter inspections, most of us have never heard of storm gutter protection systems. These are a special type of gutter protection system made to protect against strong storms. A major benefit of this type of system is that they will divert rainwater away from your home and into a collection area where it can be filtered and collected. This will save you on water costs since you won’t have to call the water company in order to get rid of the rainwater.

Storm gutter protection systems are very effective, but they do require some maintenance. The gutter can be cleaned but it will need to be checked periodically for debris, rust and insects. If you live in a windy area, a cover over the gutters may be necessary at some point. These covers can be installed on any size or style of gutters. The installation process is quite simple and is often done by a professional. It only takes about one day to do the installation and this will ensure that your gutters will function properly for years to come.