Why You Need AC Repair

AC Repair

If your AC unit stops working, it could be due to worn out parts. Fortunately, most of these can be easily repaired or replaced by a professional AC repair technician. Your technician will also check your condensation drain to see if there’s buildup. This buildup can lead to serious problems but is usually an easy fix. Read on to find out why you need AC repair services. Listed below are some of the most common problems and how to fix them.


Refrigerant is the chemical compound found in air conditioners and heat pumps that absorbs heat from the surrounding environment and turns it into cold air. While early refrigerants were dangerous and flammable, a new blend of chemicals allowed air conditioners to be used in homes. The current standard refrigerant blend is R-410A, also known as Puron. This product is more environmentally friendly than its predecessor, R-22, and emits far fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


The best way to maintain your air conditioning system is to have it inspected by a professional. The inspection can help improve the efficiency of your system, as well as determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. The report that is generated after the inspection is a valuable tool, as it contains information on the efficiency of your system. The report can also be helpful in determining when it is time to upgrade your air conditioning system. Here are some things to look for during an inspection.


If you live in Florida, you should consider cleaning your air ducts. With all of the dust and pollen that accumulates in the air, this can negatively affect your indoor air quality. Luckily, Three Guys AC offers air duct cleaning services. Here are some tips for cleaning your air ducts. Listed below are some things you can do yourself to keep your air ducts clean. You should start by removing the protective grills and panels and the fan grill.


When it comes to the cost of AC repair, there’s no set price range. Depending on the make and model of your system, you could expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $200. The labor and spare parts of a service call can be expensive, so be sure to shop around for the best deal. If your central air conditioning system needs repair, it’s best to call a professional. If you do it yourself, you could save money.

Preventative maintenance

It is vital to regularly perform preventative maintenance on your air conditioning unit to keep it in tip-top shape. By doing so, you will not only extend the life of your air conditioner but also save on energy costs. Here are some tips to keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape: